Elfacos T 212 (Surfactants增稠劑及頭髮condition劑)

功能性: 05.增黏劑
產品說明 :
1. 供應商: Nouryon 2. Chemical Name: Oley amine ethoxylate 3. CAS-NO.:25307-17-9 4. 規格: Active content: 100 % Appearance: Liquid Clear point: 4°C Density: 905 kg/m3 at 20°C Flash point, Pensky Martens Closed Cup: ?100 °C Foam Height according to Ross-Miles, 50°C, 0.05%: immediately: 10 mm after 5 min: 5 mm Pour point: 1°C Surface Tension according to Du Noüy, 25°C, 0.1% DIN 53914: 28 mN/m Viscosity: 150 mPa s at 20°C Wetting power according to Draves, 25°C, 0.1%: 600 sec Solubility: Ethanol: Soluble Solubility: Isopropyl alcohol: Soluble Solubility: Low aromatic solvent: Soluble Solubility: Propylene glycol: Soluble Solubility: Water: Dispersible Solubility: White spirit: Soluble Solubility: Xylene: Soluble 5. 用途:酸性增稠(鹽酸、硝酸、草酸、檸檬酸)、乳化、天然來源。 6. 應用:酸性清潔劑、金屬清洗劑、溶劑型清洗劑。

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