Metal Precipitants Aquatmet M

Supplier: NOURYON
Functionality: 30.Water Treatment
Product Introduction :
Aquamet Product Description:
Aquamet® M (Sodium Dimethyl-dithiocarbamate)
•The most cost effective product.
•The most forgiving during application.
•It is the most durable in acidic or oxidizing environments and will not degrade as easily as the other materials. This property makes it a better choice for low pH conditions, such as when the pH is lowered to help free the metal from a strong complexing or chelating agent.
•It agglomerates well, but can sometimes tend to form “floaters” on the water surface.
•The most toxic of all three Aquamet products.
Typical Properties:
Sodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamate
Solids, Wt.                  40%
pH as is                    12.6
Specific Gravity        1.16
Density (lbs./gallon)  9.67
Color                          Amber
Product Recommendations:
Aquamet M is generally most effective in metal removal applications. Water treatment chemistry varies widely from application to application, and it is recommended to evaluate both products for suitability.
Features and Benefits:
Direct precipitation of complexed or chelated metals
Chromate reduction
Targets a wide array of metals such as Cu, Ni, Zn, Ag, Pb, Cd, Hg
Produces dense sludge that minimizes disposal costs
Forms easily dewatered, high solids chemically stable sludge
Sludge may be disposed by direct incineration, allowing for metal recovery
Compatible with typical water treatment techniques of gravity settling, flotation, filtration
Applicable for batch or continuous treatment operations
May be used as a “polishing aid” for post filtration
Applicable to a wide range of pH and temperatures

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