About Great Chain:

Great Chain Chemical Ltd. was established in May, 1998, specializing in import and export businesses. Our main markets include Taiwan, China and worldwide region.

Great Chain comprises four major business units:

  • Distribution Services for Chemical Raw Materials
  • OEM and ODM Raw Materials or Finished Products Supplies
  • Household Products
  • Product Development and Consultancy

Products and Services:

1) Industrial chemicals supply
2) Raw materials in cosmetics, household cleaning and detergent
3) Lubricant, petroleum additives, and phosphate ester hydraulic fluid (mainly for power plant)
4) Polyethylene materials (LDPE/LLDPE)
5) Construction materials, and fire-resistant building materials
6) Special anti-freeze solvents
7) Water treatment additives, and paper processing additives
8) Food additives
9) Household, commodities, cosmetics and detergent supplies

Business Philosophy:
1) Quality and Safety Assured
2) High Efficiency and Good Service
3) Sincereness and Trustworthiness
4) Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Solution
5) Sharing and Giving

Product Industry