Mono Propylene Glycol USP 9078

Supplier: Maxoline
Functionality: 32. Industrial Lubricating Oils
Product Introduction :



MAXOLINE is lubricating oil company based in the Netherlands.


MAXOLINE are specialists in lubricating Oils and Greases for industrial and automotive applications.


Maxoline is offering a complete range of lubricants. Small enough to provide a personal customer service! A young company, a team of passionate co-operators, with a pioneer experience in lubrication and aerospace. Our customers are general Industry, Transport, Commerce, Cosmetics and Government departments. They all rely on the MAXOLINE products to maintain their activities running smoothly.

Active around the globe: we are actively selling our products in more than 50 countries throughout the world.


MAXOLINE branded products are sold for reliability and have a reputation in various countries in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa.



Product: Mono Propylene Glycol USP 9078

MAXOLINE Mono Propylene Glycol USP 9078 is a clear, colourless and almost odourless neutral, hygroscopic fluid. Comfortably miscible in water, esters, ketones. Not miscible in ethers, higher alcohols and hydro carbons.Meeting international pharmacopoeia, such like USP and Ph. Eur.

Specification data: MPG 9078
Colour: (APHA) Max 10
Purity %: (APHA) 99,5 min.
Specific Gravity 20 oC: (ASTM D 1298) 1.035 - 1.038
Acidity mg KOG / ml: Max 0.028
Ignition Residue mg/kg: Max 70
Chloride mg/kg: Max 70
Sulphate mg/kg: Max 60
Organic Chloride compounds mg/kg: Max 1
Arsenic mg/kg: Max 3
Heavy metals mg/kg: Max 5
Water %: Max 0,2
Destillation range I.B.P. oC: Min 186
F.B.P. oC: Min 189



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