Aquatreat AR 540

Supplier: NOURYON / AkzoNobel
Functionality: 38.antiscalant/dispersant
Product Introduction :

AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is a dry, powdered form of AQUATREAT® AR 540, which is the first in a new line of unique sulfonated copolymers. AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is produced from a solution of AQUATREAT® AR 540 at a pH of 8-9. AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is the first in a new line of unique sulfonated copolymers. This polymer has evolved as the result of a series of statistically designed experiments. Optimum inhibition of calcium phosphate in stabilized phosphate and zinc-based alkaline cooling water treatment programs was the primary objective. AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is a copolymer of acrylic acid and sulfonated monomers. The sulfonated monomers combine hydrophobic character, aromatic structure and high charge density. This unique combination of monomers has resulted in a copolymer with multifunctional performance characteristics. As a result, AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry provides excellent scale and deposition control under a wide variety of conditions. Its stability under stressed conditions provides superior performance in cooling water systems operating at high cycles of concentration. . .


Parameter Limits Method
Solids 43 - 45%
pH 4 - 4.5
Intrinsic Viscosity, dl/g 25°C, 0.2N NaCl, pH 7 - 9 0.13 - 0.19
Appearance Clear amber color liquid at 25°C
Applications and Uses Given as (pH @ weight % of 50% NaOH)(pH 5 @ 8.3%), (pH 6.1 @ 19.1%), (pH 8.5 % 23%), (pH 13.6 @ 24.4%)
Applications and Uses Phosphate, Zinc, Iron control and cleaning
Features The thermal stability and unique dispersant capabilities of this polymer also prove useful in boiler applications. The
performance characteristics of AQUATREAT AR 540 have been demonstrated in Laboratory Bench Tests, Dynamic
Laboratory Scale Test Equipment, and a Field Trial in an industrial cooling system. In all cases, the performance of this
unique, new polymer was proven to be equal to or better than the industry standard copolymers. For calcium phosphate
stabilization a dose rate of 1 ppm of polymer per 1 ppm of phosphate as PO4 is recommended.
Regulatory Data AQUATREAT AR 540 has ANSI/NSF standard 60 CERTIFICATION for use as a drinking water chemical additive in Reverse
Osmosis Antiscalent and Distillation Antiscalent, Maximum allowable dosage is 10 mg / L.
Typical Data 10,000


AQUATREAT is a registered trademark in many countries.

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