Aquatreat DNM-30

Supplier: NOURYON
Functionality: 30.Water Treatment
Product Introduction :

Aquatreat Biocides are EPA-registered, non-oxidizing dithiocarbamates that have a long history of proven performance. In cooling towers and airwashers, experience has shown that Aquatreat Biocides are effective in controlling both planktonic and sessile microorganisms. In paper mills, Aquatreat Biocides are known to be the most cost-effective materials available for the control of slime-forming bacteria and fungi in both virgin and recycle mills. For both beet and cane sugar mills, Aquatreat Biocides can be used to effectively control mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria that commonly foul the sugar production process. Aquatreat Biocides are especially effective in controlling sulfate-reducing bacteria in many applications, including drilling fluids and petroleum recovery waters. Additional uses for Aquatreat Biocides include sapstain control, fuel storage and in-flue gas desulfurization thickeners.

Aquatreat® DNM 30
AQUATREAT® DNM 30 is a highly effective fungicide and bactericide for use in controlling the growth of microorganisms found in pulp and paper
mills, cane and beet sugar mills, drilling fluids, secondary and tertiary petroleum recovery, and hydrocarbon fluids.
AQUATREAT® DNM 30, in addition to being a bactericide and fungicide, is a highly effective algicide for use in controlling the growth of algae, as well as bacteria and fungi found in industrial recirculating water cooling towers, air washers, and evaporative condensers.
AQUATREAT® DNM 30 is not approved for use in potable water or where contamination of potable water may occur.
Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate, disodium ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate
Applications and Uses
Cooling towers, air washers, drilling fluids, petroleum recovery, fracturing fluids, work-over and completion fluids, flue gas, hydrocarbon fluids, paper mills, beet and cane sugar.
Handling & Storage
Protect from freezing. Store at 40 - 100F. Low carbon stainless steels are preferred for storage, either 304L or 316L. Standard 304 and 316 will suffice if the L is not available as in the case in some machined parts.
For gaskets use Teflon-based or some derivative material such as Garlock Gylon 3565 or even virgin Teflon will work. Use Teflon or Viton for o-rings.
Regulatory Data
EPA REG. NO. 31910-2
Soluble in hot water, acetone, methanol. Partially soluble in cold water.
Active Ingredients,  % 30.0 - 33.2
Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate 15.0 - 16.6 Nabam (disodium ethylene-bisdithiocarbamate 15.0 - 16.6 Inert
Ingredients,%, by difference 70.0 - 66.8 pH, as received 10.5 - 12.4
Typical Data
AQUATREAT DNM-30 is a yellow-green liquid, with a density of 1.175 grams/cc at 20C (9.8 Lbs/Gal). The product has a sulfur odor and should be stored at moderate temperatures.


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