Supplier: NOURYON / AkzoNobel
Functionality: 44.Coagulant/flocculant
Product Introduction :
Floc Aid™ 19
FLOC AID™ 19 is a synthetic polymeric demulsifier developed to resolve oil-in-water (reverses) emulsions produced in various industrial processing systems. It is an ampholyte, but in most applications it is polycationic.
FLOC AID™ 19 was built from chemical groups that permit retention of charge across a wide pH range, thereby broadening the possible conditions of use. It is effective with coagulants such as aluminum or iron salts and is compatible with most other typically used additives.
Parameter Limits Method
Solids 26 - 29%
pH 3.8 - 4.5
Viscosity 590 - 900 cPs (25°C, 20 rpm, Sp#2, RVT)
Typical Data
Typical Data are based on our own measurements or derived from the literature. They do not constitute part of the delivery specification.
Chemical and Physical Data Typical Value
Appearance Clear to cloudy solution at 25°C
Freezing point -9°C
Specific Gravity 1.07 g/cc at 25°C
Density 8.9 lbs/US gal at 25°C
Applications and Uses
Flocculation, emulsion breaking. Ultra-stable aqueous demulsifier, non-ionically modified.
Applications and Uses
Typical doses applied to oil-in-water emulsion test systems indicate that 2-10 ppm effectively promote the coalescence of oil droplets reducing emulsion turbidity by over 75%. The effectiveness of the demulsifier coupled with the ready to use liquid form, makes FLOC AID 19 simple to use directly or to dilute for further preparations.
Applications and Uses
A synthetic oil-in-water emulsion was treated with various concentrations of FLOC AID 19. Variable shear was applied, followed by twenty minutes of static aging. Criteria for performance is final clarity of treated emulsion as measured calorimetrically. FLOC AID 19 effectively destabilized this emulsion resulting in a clean oil/water separation and a significant reduction in emulsion turbidity Features
FLOC AID 19 is supplied in the easy to use liquid form. No special equipment is needed to handle slow dissolving solids. FLOC AID 19 is an efficient demulsifier which can be used alone and with coagulants such as alum and ferric chloride. The amphoteric nature of FLOC AID 19 helps to coalesce oil droplets with complex surface charges, thereby broadening its area of use.

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