Alathon L5005A(HDPE)

Product Introduction :
Alathon L5005A
Technical Data Sheet
High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene
Product Description
Alathon L5005A is a high molecular weight high density copolymer that provides broad bimodal molecular weight distribution, high stiffness and good heat seal response and strength. L5005A is ed by customers for use in merchandise bags, grocery sacks, trash can liners, produce bags and roll stock.
Regulatory Status
For regulatory compliance information, see Alathon L5005A Product Stewardship Bulletin (PSB) and Safety
Data Sheet (SDS). To obtain copies of these documents, please contact your LyondellBasell product safety

Typical Properties:

1) M.I:            0.06 g/10min

2) Density:      0.949 g/cm3


Product Industry